How to Throw a Green Birthday Party

If you would like to throw a green birthday party then Jozi Cool Soft Play Party Hire Randburg, Johannesburg has a few suggestions for you. First select your theme, will it be an outdoor party, animal celebration or a cute insect safari, or an indoor party filled with a choice of indoor soft play toys.

Green invitations

At Jozi Cool Soft Play Party Hire Johannesburg we want the kids to have a great time and help parents save the environment as well as their money. So we have introduced the concept of sending invitations online, no paper, no postage and invites and replies on email. That’s really superb isn’t it? A party hire like ours considers the needs of your toddlers which is why we provide soft play equipment for hire designed to suit the various toddler milestones. Soft Play Hire  toys and shapes are equally great for play time in the garden. Once the party is over the hired soft play equipment is easily removed and your garden looks as neat and tidy as ever.

Reusable dishes and tableware

Jozi Cool Soft Play Hire Randburg, Johannesburg has attended a lot of kids’ birthday parties and we have noticed that parents spare no costs on cups, napkins, tablecloths, cutlery and paper products which create a lot of waste. Consider rather purchasing reusable cups and plates that are kid friendly. Your kids are not growing up in just one year and one can use these over and over again. For table cloths you could have a festively decorated old plain table cloth with theme elements, like colourful flowers and butterflies for a garden party and these would even match the colourful soft play equipment!

Goody bags03_Green Party B

For a green party one could really do away with goody bags filled with cheap toys and candy and instead hire soft play to provide a memorable green party. You could organise some party games like musical chairs, capture the flag and charades and give prizes like paper books or art supplies that children can use. If you have a garden party you could give the children a packet of seeds for their pots and garden at home. That would definitely send a good green message around.


Ask parents not to bring gifts or donate the gift amount to a charity. If it’s a family only party you could ask them to gift the child with a hike with a favourite uncle, lunch with grandmother to create lovely memories.

Food and drinks

Kids don’t really eat all that much, you can provide them with some home baked birthday cake, cookies, some fresh berries and apples or other fruit they’d enjoy as a light treat and you’d have no packaging waste from store-bought cakes. Juice boxes and cans add to the waste, instead have a disposable container or thermos labeled as ‘sweet nectar’ for a garden party or ‘gas tank’ for filling up with energy after playing on hired soft play equipment.