Planning a Kids Party on a Tight Budget

Planning a kids party for your young one can be both fun and cumbersome at once, especially if you are on a stringent budget. Here are a few ways you can cut costs without sacrificing effects. You can sail through invitations, food and games with a little creativity and the DIY spirit. One sure way of adding to the ambience without burning your pocket is hiring soft play equipment. Trust the soft play toys and soft play shapes to manage the little ones along with what you have lined up.


  1. Find an affordable venue ­ if your house or backyard cannot host larger groups of children, a local park with a picnic and play area would do just as well. You can depend on soft play equipment hire companies to bring both a bouncy castle and other toys to the venue at reasonable rates. Soft play party hire is a boon for parents; the emotional connect and the familiar comfort that soft play toys bring is very real as is the safety of soft play equipment.
  2. Use Simple Invitations – unless very formal, skip paper invitations; opt for a save the date and a digital invite instead that also affords prompt RSVP. This way you can avoid hurting feelings given the danger of paper invites not being distributed to all at school. Still, if you enjoy the ritual of sending out paper invites get creative with Pinterest that has numerous printable invitations and ideas for DIY i01_JC_Party on a budgetnvites. Also consider courtesy free digital resources, e¬ or
  3. Keep the theme simple ­ whether it is ‘Ben 10’ or ‘The Little Mermaid’; do not load characters on every plate, balloon, cup, napkin, and streamer. Themed items can be paired with plain accessories communicating the overall color and style. Hire soft play items that run with your theme instead.
  4. Morning and Afternoon parties save money ­ A 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. party demands that you serve lunch in addition to the luscious birthday cake and other goodies. Why not plan the party in the morning or late afternoon when you can serve tasty snacks and nibbles without overlapping a main meal.
  5. Party Packs ­ if you want to go the extra mile trace theme characters onto Brown paper
    bags and let the children color them in. These will serve as great personalized party packs at a fraction of the price.Inexpensive little favors such as toys, coloring books, bubbles and boxes of crayons are great to give away.
  6. Choose Cheap Fun ­ Piñatas are a lot of fun and they are very cheap. Watch kids whack the heck out of the candy­filled container that doubles as a quirky decoration! Free printable game images can be got online as well.

The little guests will arrive in all moods and states. You want each one to have a good time. Both Johannesburg and Randburg have kids party hire services that are time and cost efficient and exceptionally convenient. Go on; make your child’s special day memorable.