Kids Party Hire

Parents today are known for throwing lavish parties to celebrate their children’s milestones and achievements, which is why many Event planning companies centre their businesses around children’s parties and child friendly party supplies.. Kids party hire planning has become quite a lavish, complex and lucrative market. There are simply many ways to plan a kid’s party and we would love to share some of our tips with you to enjoy




Always decide on the theme of the party upfront. Make sure you put across all your ideas so that the hired planner clearly understands the concept. If you have planned for a pirate kids party hire, purchase eye patches from party supply shops and send them out with the invitations. If you are having a wizard theme party, you can send magic wands.

New ideas

Being able to throw a unique and memorable party for your child increases parental pride. Parents always want the trendiest give away, best food, best balloons and an extravagant cake. Most parents plan their children’s parties themselves, but those who can afford to take the plunge, hire party planners.


No matter how many party supply catalogues or magazines one reads, sometimes one just hits a wall when trying to come up with unique ideas. Hence, it is always advisable to hire a party planner who may use old concepts, but incorporate new things like a balloon modeller.. Seeking suggestions from children can be another great way to get new ideas to help you on your way.

Value of memories

Bring out snap photos of kids with their friends. Distribute scrapbook pages, art supplies and allow the kids to create. Letting them dress up their friendship photos encourages them to value memories with loved ones and friends. They can also try creating their own giveaway boxes. Simply paste the photos on a cardboard box and let them decorate the boxes.

Hire a good host

Some kids love clowns, others like grown-ups they can idolize. Hire a good entertainer to keep the fun going. Good hosts are great at encouraging kids to participate in party games and activities. The host must genuinely like kids and must have the patience of a saint. One can also hire more than one host for various activities and plan a special activity for parents while their children are being entertained.