Kids Birthday Party Guide

The laser tag party that was such a success with your six-year-old surely won’t work for a toddler. Your child’s age is a major factor that you must take into account when planning a kids birthday party.

Age 1

The 1st birthday party is largely ‘your’ celebration. The baby will enjoy the festive atmosphere only for a short while. If other babies are invited blowing bubbles and songs will do. Cute napkins and tablecloth can be replaced with white paper secured firmly with tape. Place crayons and watch toddlers create memorable graffiti. Even if they come with their parents the onus of a safe baby space is yours. This party is not about popping balloons, it is about best pictures of your child’s frost coated face saved forever.

Age 2

Expect the unexpected. Anger to joy to tears, all in minutes — your child is unpredictable. Soft play party hire is a brilliant option to bring variety. Most will be possessive of toys, soft play equipment hire companies will bring to your party venue an assortment of soft play shapes and soft play toys. There will be added novelty and numbers to keep the little ones engaged. At two they will love the outdoors with sand, clay and water play. Extra caution and alertness are warranted as the toddlers will explore and find danger. Bows, balloons and organized games are very often unappreciated and unnecessary at this age.

Age 3birthday-party-guide

By three, children begin to understand parties. Preschool and playgroups would have prepared most for group activities, gatherings and celebrations. Simple games, singing and circle activities will help them enjoy company. A mix of indoor soft play activities and outdoor soft play equipment will afford good balance and diverse experience before they begin to have trouble cooperating. A 90 minute party is the best bet to avoid over­stimulation and crankiness.

Age 4

Energy and imagination marks this age, they would have grown into eager party­goers. With short treasure and scavenger hunt games you can also go for soft play hire where bugs and cars will capture attention and attempt to retain things moving for two hours. Catchy music with a good beat are generally a major hit. Companies specialized in party hire for kids will also bring soft play equipment to complement your setting. Indoor soft play equipment can be a blessing on wet weather days.

Age 5age­by­age-birthday- party-guide

At five, your child will be a participant in the planning of the event. They will begin to voice opinion in every aspect, so get them involved. Fives will enjoy role play and a bit of drama, props for make believe games such as a fire station or a bakery are good ideas. Organized games, serious craft activities and a bouncy castle from a kids party hire will keep them happy. Competitions and prizes can be included.

Ages 6 to 8

Parties are important at this age as children begin to form meaningful friendships and develop a set of values. Dominoes, card games, secret trails and mysteries will be winners. They begin to enjoy challenges so clues and puzzles are welcome. Wait, who said they are not children? Watch them shriek and scream on a themed bouncy castle you can get from a kids party hire in Johannesburg or Randburg.