Welcome to Jozi Cool Party Hire, where we specialize in “Bringing Fun to Life”.

What do we offer our Customers…

  • Affordable rates, without sacrificing the quality of the equipment or service.
  • A Professional team, that loves what they do and who they do it for.
  • Creativity and flair, that never grows dull.

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A quick guide to cost effective party planning

  • Only invite as many children as you can comfortably accommodate.
  • Balloons make for great decorations and can serve as easy party favours.
  • Avoid allowing the birthday child open the presents at the start of the party.
  • Select entertainment that can accommodate all the children at the same time.
  • Serve finger food snacks at a seated table to avoid choking and messing.

Why Soft Play Hire?

Children learn about their world, themselves, and others while playing with toys. Toys become their tools to figuring it all out.

Some of the many benefits of playing with toys are:

  • Opportunity to learn new ideas
  • Build physical strength and muscle control
  • Use their imagination
  • Solve problems
  • Learn to socialise and cooperate with others

Review Snippets

Thank you for making it so special xxx
Tarryn Shishler